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Spontaneous Worship
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About Spontaneous Worship Paintings


Spontaneous worship paintings are paintings that are created in a one to three hour session during a time of worship. The purpose is to worship God through the act of painting. They are called spontaneous, because they are not planned. I simply set up my easel and ask God to speak to me. I ask Him to show me an image that will express what He desires to communicate to those present—either to a whole group or to individuals; then, I wait and listen. The images come in many ways. I may see a whole picture, separate images or parts of a picture; I may get a verse from Scripture, see a color, hear a word or group of words, or even see a series of images like a movie sequence... It's always a surprise.

Some of these paintings have also been referred to as prophetic art, since they are meant to communicate a message from God to us. God is unchanging and often speaks in similar ways, yet He loves to do a new thing in a new way. Perhaps this is to keep us from getting stuck in formulas and to keep us dependent on hearing His voice. Listening is the most important part of painting like this. Many times I will not have a full understanding of what God is saying as I begin to paint but will sense He is speaking. The full meaning of these paintings usually comes from hearing interpretations from many individuals or sometimes even from a single individual, when the image is something unique for a specific person (such as a painting of a person's dream or an image that God has been using to speak to a specific person over a period of time).

The goal of the spontaneous piece is to communicate everything I am seeing and hearing during the time set aside for worship so that the whole message is communicated. Depending on the church, conference, or concert in which I am painting, the time can vary widely. However, the rule of communicating everything quickly still applies whether I have 45 minutes or three hours. For this reason, sometimes I will take a spontaneous worship painting, which can be like a quick sketch painted in acrylics, and develop it further by painting it in oils. This is the case with the spontaneous worship painting entitled "Make Ready", which was the influence for the painting "Paga", which is part of the show Approaching Release.

God speaks different things to different people, which when brought together give a more complete understanding. I am truly amazed by God—how He speaks and what He says. Ask God to speak to you as you view these images, and please visit my online forum to comment on them. I would love to hear what is revealed.